Orto Stella (Latin for Rising Star) is a Norfolk Charity that has been formed
to empower the working lives of women after they have survived the negative
impacts of domestic abuse.

Ask yourself….

  • Have you been the victim of domestic abuse?
  • Do you feel that you are unable to move on?
  • You doubt yourself and your abilities?
  • Believe you are worthless?
  • Are not able to work?
  • Fearful to enter the job market?
  • Find you have triggers, e.g. aggressive men in the workplace?
  • Are not able to progress your work life?
  • Are being held back because of a whole set of bad beliefs you hold about yourself?

If so, Orto Stella welcomes you and together we are going to
change this mindset and be spectacular!

Everything Orto Stella provides is completely free to women who have suffered domestic abuse and you can choose from or access all of the list below:

  • A support group for women that have survived domestic abuse.
  • Rebuilding confidence and self esteem workshops
  • Practical work ready skills workshops: CV writing, job hunting, interview techniques etc
  • 2-day confidence building work placements
  • Setting up on your own – the options.
  • Securing the job role you are capable of – matching of skills



Support Group

Talking about what had happened and gaining support from others is essential in your road to recovery.  Click here to find out more information about Orto Stella’s free support group.


The Orto Stella Springboard programme empowers women to realise their potential and be unafraid to progress.  The programme consists of a workbook, workshops, the provision of role models and networking.

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Domestic violence statistics, Clare’s Law, Domestic violence and abuse: new definition and our recommended reading list.

Work Ready

To ensure you are work ready, Orto Stella, will provide you with essential skills such as writing your CV, job hunting, interview techniques, and work placements.


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