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Why Do People Often Take the Side of the Abuser?

I can’t tell you how many abuse victims I’ve spoken to where this happens. The victim’s family and friends take the side of the abuser in a separation, rather than standing by the victim. This doesn’t make logical sense. Why would a person’s own family turn their back...

A Fine Romance or are you being groomed by a Narcopath

I worked for my ex-husband in my twenties but I left the firm after a very short time. I found the whole running of the business unprofessional and the last step was seeing my boss and what was to become my, husband take his brother by the throat. Anyway, why is this...

The biggest victims of domestic abuse are the smallest

“In a perpetrator’s relentless efforts to ‘break’ the mother they are also committing child abuse.” The devastating effects of domestic violence on women is well documented. Far less is known about the impact on children who witness a parent or caregiver being...

Does Mental Illness Cause Abuse?

A lot of people assume that abuse is caused by their partner’s mental health condition (for example, their partner might have bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), narcissistic personality, borderline personality or antisocial...

Do you really know this person?

This article is based on a true story of a victim of domestic abuse. The reason for writing it is to unleash that scary fact: do you really know this person?

It will highlight two completely contrasting behaviours exhibited from one person, the perpetrator and the performer. It will expose what really goes on behind closed doors for 1 in 4 women who are subjected to domestic abuse.

5 Reasons A Narcissist Moves On So Quickly

Most narcissistic people are never going to accept they have this personality disorder but this is why more people need to understand what narcissism is, so they can avoid embarking into a relationship. If you've just got out of a relationship with a narcissist, you...

Psychological abusers are attracted to strong woman as they see it as a challenge.

“Psychological abusers are attracted to what is going on within the person’s life that is shiny, glamorous, or exciting, or successful, or dynamic, or vibrant,” that’s what is attractive. They take all the positives from that person and as soon as they cannot deal with your successes and positive outlook on life, they start to tear down those qualities and those successes that drew them there in the first place.