Job hunting workshop

This is a full day workshop – which will help you to find and identify suitable jobs and then how to apply for them with either an application form or CV with an accompanying cover letter.


All jobs will specify how and what you need to provide when you apply for them.

Job Hunting
You will be shown the various sources of where to find suitable jobs, including surfing the web and you will look at all the job sites and narrow down or widen searches to find jobs or roles that you feel match your skills, life skills, work skills and your transferable skills.

It is also a good idea to approach companies that would you would like to work for and see if they have any vacancies or draft a speculative application.

Application Forms
If the job requires an application form, you will be fully supported to complete this, ensuring that you really sell yourself and show prospective employers that you meet their requirements and that they should invite you for an interview.

Person and Job Specifications We will look at what these are and why it is so important that you show examples of how you match the required criteria from these two documents. Employer generally have a scoring scheme for these, so what you put in can be the make or break for securing that interview – which is what we want you to achieve.

CV and Cover Letters
If the job requires a CV (Curriculum Vitae – which is Latin for the course of your life) and a Cover letter, we will again provide you with the necessary 1-1 support to create both documents and how to tailor them to a specific job.

You will be provided with templates that will act as a guide to show you what goes where and how it is written and the types of things you can include.

Job Interviews
When you do get an interview – do not worry you will be supported all the way with mock interviews, rehearsals, how to answer tricky questions but also what questions to ask them.

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