Support Group



Support Group


A support group for survivors of domestic abuse.

Research has shown how important it is for survivors of domestic abuse to be able to help others and how that this in turn can help turn their negative experiences into something positive.

Women that have survived domestic abuse have said that the best support for dealing with the aftermath was to talk to other women who had experienced it themselves.

One of the reasons women found it hard to talk to family members or friends was that they did not have first-hand knowledge of domestic violence and abuse. They just did not fully understand or could not comprehend the degree and level of damage it causes to victims.

Orto Stella will provide a friendly, welcoming and highly supportive group for women that will meet every 2 weeks to be able to openly and confidentially share their experiences of domestic abuse.

Each woman will be fully respected with how much or little they wish to contribute or share but hopefully over time, as your confidence builds, you will start to feel comfortable, supported and see the strength that you can gain by being part of such an empowering group.

It might also be the first time you have truly been listened to or believed.

If you have any questions or concerns before booking to attend the support group, please call us or email us. No question is ever too silly and having been the victim of domestic abuse, we understand how nerve wrecking it can be to be to even think about attending a group like this. Our aim is to support you, so we want to help, so do get in touch.

To register for our support group, please click below:

It might seem obvious but we will look at what a loving relationship should look like as opposed to the signs of an abusive relationship and those we know only too well and how to avoid them and the setting of boundaries and early “walk-away” triggers.  (Inspired by Kate O’Connor)
Knowing these will help us identify the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship and will hopefully also help us to educate our young females, so they can enter into loving relationships – so history does not repeat itself.

The support group will have guest speakers who will aim to provide some Tender Loving Care (TLC) sessions- we deserve some “ME” time too.

Links to valuable resources

Women in an abusive relationship or anyone with concerns can call free 24 hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge.